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The Anti-Viral Door Push Pad!

The Safe Pad is a traditional push pad that has been treated with an antimicrobial coating.

It is not yet possible to test directly against COVID-19 however, the anti-viral door push pad has a resistance to Feline Coronavirus.

Sometimes it's unavoidable to open a door or draw without contact with your hands.

Using the safe Pad actively kills unwanted microbes for a clean peace of mind.

Three reason to buy :

1. Successfully tested against feline coronavirus

2. The antimicrobial coating contains silver ions, which safely inhibits microbial growth. Slow release of the silver active ions provides long-term antimicrobial protection.

3. The Safe Pad has  anti-viral properties but this should not be considered a replacement for regular cleaning but it will greatly reduce the infection rate in problem areas such as public push door zones.


Safe Pad

Push pad activated doors are becoming more and more common.
We see them nearly everywhere! However, push pad doors require the use of our hands, which can expose us to a range of bacteria and viruses with some of these able to survive on
surfaces for more than a week.

That’s why we introduced the Safe nPad. Simply stick it onto a door or other surface people often touch, and do your part to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and many other illnesses.

Dimensions: 200(H) x 100(w) x 0.75mm (d)
Weight: 12g


Safe Plate

For hygiene-critical environments, such as hospitals, the fight against cross-contamination and the spread of superbugs is a high priority.

And yet, so many people touching a single surface with their hands can spread germs, bacteria & deadly diseases, including Coronavirus (which can survive on normal push plates for
up to 7 days!)

Do your part to slow the spread of Coronavirus and many other diseases by using our Safe Pads on your doors. It’s that simple.

Dimensions: 400(H) x 95(w) x 0.45mm (d)
Weight: 24g
Complies with: BS ISO 21702:2019
& BS ISO 22196: 2011


Press Pad

Dimensions: 100(H) x 100(w) x 0.45mm (d)
Weight: 7g
Complies with: BS ISO 21702:2019
& BS ISO 22196: 2011


Push Pad

Dimensions: 110(H) x 40(w) x 0.45mm (d)
Weight: 4g
Complies with: BS ISO 21702:2019
& BS ISO 22196: 2011


The Safe Wrap Door Handle

Did you know that on average study’s have shown that 80% of infections are transmitted by hands? It’s no wonder that door handles are hotspots for bacteria especially in public areas!
The Safe Wrap technology actively kills bugs and reduces the risk of infection, protecting customers and staff alike.

Dimensions: 65(H) x 100(w) x 0.22mm (d)
Weight: 5g
Designed for: 20mm ø Door Handle



The Safe Wrap Pull Handle Medium & Large

If you knew that one germ can multiply into 8 million in just one day would you use a pull handle? They are an inevitable part of our lives and are often in high traffic areas. This means many people will touch the same surface every day.

It’s impossible to clean surfaces in-between every single user -
especially in high traffic areas. Install The Safe Wrap to help reduce the risk of cross contamination in your area.

Dimensions Medium: 80(H) x 160(w) x 0.22mm (d)
Weight: 5g
Designed for: 25mm ø Door Handle
Dimensions Large: 100(H) x 250(w) x 0.22mm (d)
Weight: 57g
Designed for: 30mm ø Door Handle


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