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Office Cleaning London: Before and After

The view of London

Office Cleaning London: Before and After


There are so many advantages of using a high-quality cleaning service such as Green Facilities, a well-known London-based company. We think there is no clearer way of demonstrating this than by sharing some information about a few of our satisfied customers and showing you some amazing before and after pictures.

Based in London, Green Facilities has helped many different types of businesses achieve excellent levels of cleanliness. We are a company that appeals to many types of business. Spirit Health Club, for example, wanted a cleaning company that had the expertise to clean a pool floor area and changing rooms. Planet Organic needed an effective cleaning service that had a minimal impact on the environment. Green Facilities rose to the challenge for both of these clients, providing superb cleaning using environmentally friendly chemicals and materials and special techniques and equipment for wet floor areas. Reebok Crossfit Thames is another of our clients – the Green Facilities team managed a challenging facility clean.

Many clients also appreciate our commitment to being an ethical company. The Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church, for example, wanted to use an ethical company that pays cleaners a living wage. If you require a socially responsible company committed to providing the highest standards of employee welfare and cleanliness, our office cleaning London service fits the bill.

These ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos are the clearest way of seeing the difference a reliable and effective cleaning company can make.

Case Study One

Gym Floor
A dull brown wooden floor, scratched and very grubby.

You can clearly see the difference – just look how shiny the floor is after our cleaners have tackled it! Green Facilities specialist floor polishers have changed the floor from dull to sparkling. Attention to detail is one of the things that Green Facilities is known for – employing reliable staff who are committed to getting the job done to exceedingly high standards.

Case Study Two

Red Carpet
Before –
This carpet looks heavily soiled and absolutely filthy with large areas of dark patches.

After –
We think it’s no exaggeration to say that it now looks as good as new. All the dark stains have disappeared and the carpet looks as fresh as a daisy. Having a clean carpet is so important for any modern workplace, especially in an area used to receive visitors or clients. A clean office is vital to make a good impression, and recent research also suggests that employees are more motivated and happy in a clean setting.

Case Study Three

It’s fair to say that these grubby tiles have seen better days. The dirty tiles with blackened grout look so unhygienic and univiting. Tiles like these in any leisure centre would probably attract numerous negative reviews which could have a major impact on your business.

Once the Green Facilities cleaners have got to work, the difference couldn’t be more obvious. The tiles now look shiny and pristine, the results of using high-quality cleaning products and staff that are properly trained. The overall effect looks so hygienic and inviting.

For more information about the myriad benefits Green Facilities can bring to your office, contact us today.

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