adDryer Hand Dryer

adDryer Hand Dryer

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The adDryer is the most eco-friendly, video connected, hand dryer which uses AI and IoT (Internet of Things) to display full motion video adverts in response to people drying their hands.

Download the case study written by Intel®

Raise awareness, improve hygiene and drive revenue.  Full motion video encourages use, improves communication and provides revenue generation opportunity

Lowest energy use

Fast dry
11 seconds*

Reliable and Hygienic
Non-touch sensors and advanced digital brushless motor technology with 5-year parts warranty

Smart (Internet connected via GSM and WIFI)
Sensors report usage data and use footfall stats to alert washroom attendants

Engage users, Drive revenue
Full motion video messaging


The intelligent dryer assesses audience data to display full-motion hygiene messages to users as they dry their hands, which encourages better hygiene in washrooms. The product has been endorsed by technology giants, Intel®.

Our Value Proposition

1. True sustainability

SAVORTEX offers a powerful, energy-efficient hand-dryer that delivers a quick-dry in 11 seconds and runs on just 550 watts, which is significantly lower than competitor products in the marketplace.

2. Operational efficiency

The SAVORTEX adDryer and EcoCurve 550D Smart dryer solution offers a connected washroom management system that can reduce clients’ operational costs by facilitating effective and responsive washroom cleaning.

3. New revenue

The adDryer engages users with one-to-one, high definition video messages so enterprises can use real data to:

  • Drive data-backed, reward based digital washroom messaging to improve hygiene, wellbeing and reduce staff sick days off
  • Internal advertising to customers and staff
  • Drive additional revenue streams by working with our Media partners and promote data backed ad campaigns specific to gender, time and location

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