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Our innovative medical grade DNO patented filter catalysts ‘captures, kills and converts’ harmful pollutants including COVID-19.
The HA30 can work efficiently up to 9.5m2 of space.​ The HA30 can project pure clean air up to 10 times per hour to every corner of the vehicle


  • Highly efficient sensors detect and display air quality levels in real time.
  • The Purer Clean Air® HA30 suitable for Vehicles and smaller room areas will provide clean and safe air after 5 minutes of continued use from powering on.
  • Auto mode maintains air quality so you can continue your daily activities, while your purifier automatically monitors and reacts. The machine will continue to remove pollutants and maintain Purer Clean Air® at the most efficient fan speed.
  • The HA30 can work efficiently to circa 9.5m2 of space.
  • The HA30 projects pure clean air up to 10 times per hour to every corner of the vehicle or smaller space.
  • The patented DNO filters purify air pollutant including formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ammonia, odour, ozone, bacteria, virus (including COVID-19), pollen, Carbon Monoxide, Benzene, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and micron-level particles smaller than PM2.5.
  • Our innovative ‘capture and convert technology’ sets our products apart from our competitors.
  • The DNO filter catalysts captures and converts harmful pollutants into harmless carbon dioxide and water with no risk of secondary release to the user.
  • Our medical grade filters capture the smallest particles and pollutants to industry high levels.
  • Purer Clean Air purifiers are rated as HEPA filter, MERV 13 – medical grade.
  • Purer Clean Air purifiers are rated as P4 and F4 grades, the highest levels of performance on the CCM scale. The units also rate highly on the CADR scale at 25.9m3/h.
  • A multi-colour feature light denotes the quality of air being purified at any given time.
  • The unit is easy to install in the front or rear of the vehicle with a 12V charging cable.
  • There are 3 fan speeds which can be managed manually if you want to increase the air flow capacity, or simply keep on auto mode for the most efficient air purification levels.
  • There are built-in reminders that flash on the unit when the filter needs changing.
  • Filter changes are required on average every 12 months dependent on level of usage.

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