Carpet Cleaning Services

Finding a good commercial carpet cleaning service in London can be difficult. Green Facilities Management offers eco-friendly carpet cleaning services at competitive prices, that will have your office carpets stain-free in no time.

You can’t stop accidents and spillages from happening, neither at home nor at work. Combined with the day-to-day dirt that office workers and visitors bring into your premises, your carpets will inevitably get dirty – which doesn’t make your business look very good.

Replacing an entire carpet in your office or commercial premises is a costly and time-consuming process. So even large, unsightly stains in your carpets are worth trying to clean before recovering the whole floor.

Our carpet cleaning services use modern and energy efficient equipment. And like all our cleaning services, we don’t use any detergents or chemicals that are bad for people’s health or the environment. Eco carpet cleaning is a priority for Green FM.

As a busy organisation you want an efficient, commercial carpet cleaning solution – sometimes even emergency carpet cleaning – to do the job well and at a fair cost.

Our solutions get the toughest stains out of all sorts of carpet materials including:

  • Shag Pile
  • Cut Pile/Twist
  • Velvet Pile
  • Berber/ Loop Pile
  • Saxony
  • Frieze
  • Plush

Our experienced carpet cleaning team can assess your carpet and set about removing stains from food, drink, paint, glue, blood, ink, or whatever else has caused the mess.

We also offer some specialist office carpet cleaning services:

  • Shampooing & Extraction
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Stain Guarding Carpet Protection
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning

We can also offer periodic deep carpet cleaning and maintenance visit packages should you want your commercial carpets cleaned regularly at the best price.

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Quality Guaranteed With Our Double-Check Cleaning Audits

We do everything we can to make sure nothing is overlooked, giving you a comprehensive carpet cleaning service.

ISO 9001 Certified

Quality management status is crucial to our work at Green FM. All our staff are highly trained and we keep up with the all the latest developments in ISO certification.

Free Cleaning Assessment

You won’t pay a penny before we start cleaning your office carpets. It’s important to you – and therefore to us – that everyone knows what’s required before you agree to the costs.

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic And Eco Carpet Cleaning

Looking clean and being clean can be different things. We take our environmental credentials seriously, so everything we do uses eco-friendly substances and green practices.

All-In-One Service

Our commercial carpet cleaning service includes recycling and washroom supplies.

No Lock-In Contracts – Cancel At Any Time

We understand that your business needs change. We’re also confident that when you see the results, you’ll want us back when you need us. That’s why we don’t tie you in to services you won’t use.

Flexible Carpet Cleaning Packages

Whether you need regular periodical carpet cleaning to keep a particularly busy patch pristine, or a less frequent check-in, our London carpet cleaning service is as flexible as you need it to be.

Competitive Carpet Cleaning Prices

Our carpet cleaning services are fast and effective, but that doesn’t make us extortionate. We understand commercial facilities have set budgets, and we aim to provide a fair quote that promises an excellent cleaning service.