An experienced restaurant cleaning partner you can trust. 

        Our pub & restaurant cleaning gives you one less thing to worry about

        There's nothing as refreshing as walking into a restaurant, pub, or bar and being greeted by a clean, professional-looking space.

        At Green FM, we understand that first impressions matter and the cleanliness and ambiance of your pub or restaurant sets the tone for your customers' entire experience. 

        With more than two decades of experience in restaurant cleaning across London, you can rely on our team to handle all your restaurant and pub cleaning tasks. 

        From floors and carpets, to front-of-house spaces and dining areas, and behind-the-scenes areas like kitchens - we’ve got the experience needed to deliver exceptional cleaning. 

        And with our commitment to green cleaning and ISO certification, you can rest assured that everything will be up to the highest industry standards and kind to the environment. 


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        Our specialised pub cleaning and restaurant cleaning services:

        • General deep cleans
        • Kitchen deep cleans
        • Washroom deep cleans
        • Floor and Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance
        • Exteriors
        • Umbrellas and Canopies
        • Windows

        Whether you're a fast-food chain, or a Michelin-star restaurant - Green FM helps elevate the cleanliness of your establishment


        Choosing the right cleaning partner can directly impact the reputation of your pub or restaurant.

        Which is why it’s essential to do your research and find the most suitable cleaning company for your business.

        Don’t make a decision until you’ve had a chance to check customer reviews and testimonials about your potential partner’s cleaning services.

        At Green FM, we’ve been cleaning pubs, restaurants, and fast food chains across London for over 20 years - and we’re proud to have a stellar reputation.

        Part of the reason we’re the partner of choice for so many businesses across the capital is our commitment to clarity and transparency in our pricing and deliverables.

        That's why we offer:


        A free cleaning audit and custom quote

        Before taking on the job, we’ll examine your pub or restaurant to fully understand what is needed.

        For your peace of mind, you'll get a transparent quote tailored to your needs, broken down into detail that includes the frequency and depth of cleaning.

        A completely tailored cleaning plan

        Every pub and restaurant is different, and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all cleaning plan. 

        As part of our service, we’ll provide a tailored approach to your restaurant cleaning needs—covering floors, windows, carpets, the dining area, and the kitchen. This approach will be completely customised based on your business's specific needs.

        No hidden fees

        With Green FM, there'll be no unpleasant surprises when your invoice arrives.

        We won’t start cleaning without a clear agreement about what’s going to be included in our restaurant and pub cleaning services and the price you can expect to pay. 

        Get a quote for restaurant cleaning services

        Why choose Green FM as your eco-friendly cleaning company

        Competitive pricing

        One of the major perceptions about going green is that there is a substantial cost involved. At Green FM we challenge this and would like to offer our clients – ‘’Better Cleaning at the same price’’

        Free cleaning assessment & cleaning

        We will be very happy to provide a free demonstration of our restaurant cleaning capabilities for prospective clients.

        Flexible contracts &  packages

        We understand that your business is unique, and our flexible restaurant cleaning contracts allow you to tailor the frequency, duration, and cost of our services to fit your ever-changing needs.


        It means we're doing it right. When we come to clean your restaurant or pub, you can be sure that we're using the best practices in the industry to ensure that your space is safe, sanitary, and free of allergens.

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        With years of experience providing pub and restaurant cleaning services across London, Green FM understands the unique challenges of the food and beverage industry and knows how important cleanliness is.
        Our ISO-certified, eco-friendly cleaning approach ensures your restaurant’s reputation is in safe hands.
        Discover the Green FM difference today. 

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