Optimal Office Cleaning Services in London

        We aspire to work in clean, hygienic, and inviting office that exudes professionalism and boosts workers' motivation and productivity. 

        But we also need to care about the environment and sustainable office cleaning. 

        Finding a reliable, eco-friendly office cleaning services provider can be a real headache. 

        Green Facilities offers bespoke eco-friendly cleaning in London designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. 

        Our trained cleaning crew can tackle any cleaning challenge and ensure your office is clean and your conscience even cleaner. 

        But we don't just stop there! 

        Green Facilities understands the importance of restroom cleanliness in workplace hygiene. We excel in providing pristine and hygienic restroom facilities, ensuring workplace hygiene and visitor satisfaction.

        Our flexible scheduling ensures minimal disruption to your daily operations, allowing you to focus on your core activities. 

        Download Green FM's office cleaning services guide to unlock the secrets to creating a clean, eco-friendly office. 


        Download your office cleaning guide.

        Industries We Serve

        • Charities & Public Sector
        • Legal Services Sector
        • Finance Services Sector
        • Healthcare Sector
        • Embassies & Diplomatic Missions
        • Technology
        • Hospitality & Leisure Sector

        Long-Term Benefits of Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Services

        Cost savings

        Green products mean less waste, manufacturing, and distribution. Our eco-friendly office cleaning requires Less water, fewer products, and minimal energy—slashing costs.

        Elevate corporate image

        Embrace green cleaning for a sustainable and bolstered corporate image that attracts eco-conscious clients and top talent.

        Improve employee morale

        Say goodbye to harsh chemicals with green cleaning. Boost morale, job satisfaction, and create a healthier, more productive workspace.

        Why Hire Green FM For Office Cleaning

        Competitive pricing

        Eco-friendly cleaning doesn't mean stretching your organisation's budget. At Green FM, we debunk this myth by providing competitively priced office cleaning services. 


        At Green FM, our dedication to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility is demonstrated through our ISO9001, ISO45001, and ISO14001 certifications and accreditations

        Free assessment & cleaning

        Discover first-hand how our eco-friendly products and methods are effective, safer, and healthier for offices. 

        Flexible contracts & packages

        We don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" approach. That's why Green FM offers flexible contracts and customisable cleaning packages that align with your organisation's needs. 

        Accredited by leading standards agencies


        Want more information about office cleaning services?

        To take advantage of eco-friendly office cleaning services, hire a professional cleaning company dedicated to deploying environmentally friendly products and methods.

        Our commitment to environmental sustainability ensures that your offices are clean, hygienic, and conducive to a healthy and productive working environment.

        Benefit from our flexible contracts and customizable cleaning packages. Whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning—we can adapt our services to suit your schedule and cleaning needs.

        We go above and beyond mere office cleaning. Our expertise extends to free cleaning consultancy and audits

        You can expect: 

        • On-site cleanliness evaluation
        • Cleaning practice assessment
        • Expert guidance on machinery and chemical usage
        • Detailed cleaning operation reports
        • Staff training to maintain quality

        Contact us today to create an eco-friendly, cost-effective cleaning solution for your office.

        Eco-friendly Cleaning Guide

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