Paramount presentation and cleanliness

        Hotel cleaning to uphold your hotel reputation

        First impressions are everything in the hospitality industry, with 78% of guests considering cleanliness to be the most important factor when choosing a hotel.

        Don’t let negative reviews about cleanliness tarnish your reputation and make your hotel less attractive to potential guests. 

        At Green FM, we understand the unique challenges of hotel cleaning. 

        Trying to minimise disruption for guests at the same time as managing unpredictable occupancy levels can be tough. That's why we offer flexible contracts and cleaning schedules tailored to your needs. 

        We go beyond basic surface cleaning to ensure every area of your hotel is sanitised and spotless – from lobbies and guest rooms to washrooms and restaurants.

        Our ISO certified approach and eco-friendly products are better for the environment, align with your business sustainability goals, and ensure a healthier space for your guests and staff.


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        Our specialised hotel cleaning services

        • Reception Areas
        • Restaurants and Bars
        • Kitchen Deep Clean
        • Washroom Deep Clean
        • Hotel Room Cleaning and Housekeeping


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        Green FM offers the best cleaning for your hotel




        It’s important that you do your research and speak to a number of different suppliers before choosing the right cleaning company for your hotel.

        But trying to understand complex quotes and worrying about hidden costs shouldn't be part of the process.

        At Green FM, we believe in clarity, transparency, and delivering tailored, sustainable solutions. 

        That's why we offer:

        A free cleaning audit and custom quote

        We’ll visit your hotel, come back with a detailed assessment of your hotel's cleaning needs, and provide a fair quote with zero obligations.

        A completely tailored cleaning plan

        Our on-site visit allows us to design a hotel cleaning schedule that works seamlessly with your business and avoids disturbing your guests and employees.

        No hidden fees

        Complete clarity around pricing lets you budget more effectively and gives you complete peace of mind. 

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        Why choose Green FM as your cleaning company

        Competitive pricing


        Sustainability shouldn't impact affordability.
         Green FM provides hotel cleaning services that align with both your environmental goals and your budget.
        Our focus on efficiency keeps costs down, allowing us to offer our clients “’better cleaning at the same price’.

        Free cleaning assessment & cleaning


        Our free on-site assessment helps identify overlooked areas in your current cleaning routine.
        Witness our attention to detail first and appreciate the difference a sustainable cleaning company like Green FM can deliver.

         Flexible contracts & cleaning packages


        We understand that your business is unique, and our flexible contracts allow you to tailor our services' frequency, duration, and cost to fit your ever-changing hotel cleaning needs. 

        ISO certified


        Our ISO certification gives you the peace of mind that your hotel will be cleaned to the highest industry standards. Let our cleaning company ensure every area of your hotel receives meticulous and consistent cleaning every time.

        Want more information?

        With years of experience providing superior hotel cleaning in London, Green FM understands the high standards your guests expect. 

        Our ISO certified, eco-friendly cleaning practices and flexible solutions ensure a cleaner, greener, and more welcoming environment for your guests.

        Discover the Green FM difference today. 

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