Get deep down, below the surface

        Steam cleaning for every eventuality

        Traditional methods of cleaning only remove dirt from the surface. And disinfectants also act mainly on surfaces, where deep down, bacteria can survive and be ready to grow again.

        This is why the use of steam can be a superior cleaning method in most circumstances.

        Our high-quality steam cleaning equipment operates at incredibly high temperatures. Breaking down dirt, grease and grime deep below the surface into tiny particles.

        After the steam cleaning process, dead organisms, even in the innermost pores, can then be easily removed with the use of only water and microfibre cloths, restricting further germ growth. Rinsing water, residuals and wastes are all 100% biodegradable.

        5 reasons to steam clean:

        • Instantly clean and dry surfaces; saving costly time without leaving any unhygienic residue
        • Improved bactericidal efficacy; proven effective even against SuperBugs (like MRSA)
        • Environmentally friendly; reduced chemical usage and low water usage
        • User-friendly; easy to use, ergonomically healthy and lowers risks associated with cleaning
        • Cost saving; savings on time, water usage and chemical usage

        Competitive pricing

        One of the major perceptions about going green is that there is a substantial cost involved. At Green FM we challenge this and would like to offer our clients – ‘’Better Cleaning at the same price’’

        Free cleaning assessment & cleaning

        Give your current cleaning company a break and Hire us for free. We will be very happy to provide a free demo cleaning for our prospective clients

        Flexible contracts & cleaning packages

        Designed to meet your needs. We understand that your business is unique and our flexible contracts allow you to tailor the frequency, duration, and cost of our services to fit your ever-changing needs.

        ISO certified

        It means we're doing it right. When we come to clean your space, you can be sure that we're using the best practices in the industry to make sure your space is safe, sanitary, and free of allergens.

        Want more information?

        Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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