Strategic Cleaning

        Eco-friendly and Sustainable Cleaning


        Gravita ABG LLP, London Chartered Accountants, auditors, VAT, and tax experts.  A talented team of strategic experts that deliver results.

        They were looking for an eco-friendly cleaning company that can provide them with a stable cleaning team and supply them with consumable items like toilet rolls, hand towels, etc. This would help them reduce their carbon footprint and save money on unnecessary expenses.

        As a fast-growing company, they sought ways to cut costs while still offering excellent customer service. They had tried outsourcing their cleaning needs before but found that it didn't work well because they weren't able to find a reliable supplier who could consistently provide them with the quality service they required at an affordable price point.

        They turned to Green FM who provided Gravita with high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning services and managed their consumable supplies—all while allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

        Green FM was able to meet all of their needs by providing them with a reliable team of cleaners who use environmentally friendly products and equipment.

        As a full-service commercial cleaning company, Green FM can provide everything from office cleaning to building maintenance. Providing regular reports on their progress, helps Gravita ensure that their office is always clean and hygienic.