Stable Cleaning

        Local Living Wage Employer


        Xero Software is a software company that helps businesses thrive worldwide. They wanted to find a local Living Wage Employer and an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company that could provide them with a stable cleaning team and supply them with consumable items.

        Green FM visited Xero Software's office for an onsite visit and cleaning audit. Green FM was able to meet all of their criteria, including the fact that Green FM is an eco-friendly company that provides cleaning services using plant-based products.

        Green FM take pride in being a Living Wage Employer, which means they pay all their employees at least the current legal minimum wage plus. They also offer flexible working hours so that you can have time off when needed—and less when you don't!

        In addition to being a Living Wage Employer, Green FM also provides excellent customer service in the form of regular visits from their cleaning team. The team members are trained in the use of biodegradable products so they can be used safely in the workplace environment without causing harm to people or animals.

        Their eco-friendly cleaning products are made from renewable resources and biodegradable materials, so they're good for both Xero's business's bottom line (saving money) and the environment (saving resources). They also keep in mind Xero's carbon footprint so Xero can make sure the efforts they're making are real.

        Since taking on this contract in 2021, Green FM has been providing Xero Software with excellent customer service by taking care of all their cleaning needs.