Cinema Cleaning and Theatre Venue Cleaning Services

Since the reopening of UK cinema and theatres to audiences, they’re still among the most important venues to keep clean. With many people gathered in close quarters in a cinema screen or theatre auditorium, safety and hygiene are crucial to ensure your customers can have a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Even apart from limiting the spread of Covid-19 with effective venue cleaning services, cinemas and theatres are notorious for mess from drinks and snacks. Thorough cinema cleaning prevents visitors from sitting on dirty seats or treading on sticky floors while watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster. 

Movie theatre cleaning means film lovers can enjoy their cinemagoing experience. In the kinds of large shared venues like theatres and cinemas, with a high turnover of customers, comfort and cleanliness is crucial. The last thing you want is dozens of patrons complaining at the lack of cinema cleaning in your movie theatre or venue. 

The venue cleaning services we offer for theatre auditoriums and cinemas include:

  •  Cinema Cleaning for the Screening Room – cinema screen, seating, floors
  •  General Venue Cleaning – food areas, foyer, till, ticket machines, etc.
  •  Escalators, Stairs and Lifts
  •  Washroom and Toilet Deep Clean
  •  Floor Maintenance and Carpet Cleaning – e.g. chewing gum removal

At Green FM, we have a flexible theatre and cinema cleaning schedule and we’re able to work quickly and efficiently to make your venue presentable to hundreds of guests at a time.

We’re quality assured so that your movie theatre premises will be left in the highest state of cleanliness. 

As well as periodic theatre cleaning services we also offer one-off deep cleaning, to leave your venue as hygienic and spotless for your patrons as possible. 

So call Green FM for your cinema cleaning requirements and we’ll send one of our theatre cleaning teams to deliver an efficient, eco-friendly solution to your venue on a schedule to suit you. 

Choose A Professional London Based Eco-Friendly Cinema Cleaning Company

Quality Guaranteed With Our Double-Check Cleaning Audits

We do everything we can to make sure nothing is overlooked, giving you a comprehensive cinema cleaning service. 

Free Venue Cleaning Assessment

You won’t pay a penny before we start cleaning your movie theatre or cinema. It’s important to you – and therefore to us – that everyone knows what’s required before you agree to the costs. 

All-In-One Service

Our theatre cleaning services include general areas, cinema screens, washrooms and recycling.

Flexible Theatre Cleaning Packages

Whether you need regular periodical cinema cleaning to keep a particularly busy cinema foyer or screen pristine, or a less frequent check-in, our London cinema cleaning services are as flexible as you need them to be. 

No Lock-In Contracts – Cancel At Any Time

We understand that your business needs change. We’re also confident that when you see the results, you’ll want us back when you need us. That’s why we don’t tie you in to services you won’t use.

ISO 9001 Certified

Quality management status is crucial to our work at Green FM. All our staff are highly trained and we keep up with the all the latest developments in ISO certification.

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic And Eco Cinema Cleaning

Looking clean and being clean can be different things. We take our environmental credentials seriously, so everything we do uses eco-friendly substances and green practices.

Competitive Venue Cleaning Prices

Our movie theatre venue cleaning services are fast and effective, but that doesn’t make us extortionate. We understand commercial facilities have set budgets, and we aim to provide a fair quote that promises an excellent cleaning service. 

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The Reason To Choose Us?

a professional London based eco-friendly commercial cleaning company

Very Competitive Pricing

One of major perceptions about going green is that there is substantial cost involved. At Green FM we challenge this and would like to offer our clients – ‘’Better Cleaning at the same price’’

ISO 9001 Certified Company

Quality is guaranteed at Green FM by our Double-Check Audit system.

ISO 14001 Certified Company

This simply means that Green FM provides Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic and Bio- Degradable and sustainable cleaning services. By having Green FM as your supplier you are also fulfilling your obligation towards environment.


We offer total cleaning solutions that includes recycling of your rubbish. We can supply you with all your washroom supplies like toilet paper, hand towels, soap, dispenser etc. We can also provide you with Feminine Hygiene services, air fresheners, hand dryers etc.

Flexible Cleaning Packages

We understand not all clients are the same. Therefore, green FM we provide Bespoke cleaning packages that fits around your individual needs in the most comprehensive way.

Free Cleaning Assessment with Free Cleaning

Give your current cleaning company a break and Hire us for free. We will be very happy to provide a free demo cleaning for our prospective clients.

Flexible Contracts

We will not tie you in a long term contract, Cancel anytime if you don’t like our services. We firmly believe in building long term relationships with our clients and therefore offer flexibility in our contracts.

Fully Insured and Health & Safety Compliant

Green FM is fully insured and ‘Health & Safety’ and ‘Employment Law’ compliant company for our clients piece of mind.