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        Our commitment is infection prevention and control.

        The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of cleaning and decontaminating business premises for effective infection prevention and control.

        Now more than ever, businesses are recognising that keeping their premises clean is not just about appearances - it's actually crucial for protecting the health of their employees and customers.


        The importance of effective cleaning and decontamination for your business

        The first stage of infection prevention and control begins with effective cleaning - removing visible dirt and reducing the presence of germs.
        Disinfection takes infection control a step further by eliminating any remaining germs in hard-to-reach places and minimising the risk of the spread of infection.
        At Green FM, we understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to cleaning and disinfection. Our tailored services are designed to seamlessly blend these two processes, ensuring a thorough decontamination of your premises.
        By cleaning first and then disinfecting your environment, we ensure that your business, school, hotel, or restaurant is visibly clean and hygienically safe. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards is illustrated by our use of the latest cleaning technologies, such as electrostatic application systems. 
        Our ISO certification and accreditations provide our clients with the peace of mind that our cleaning and decontamination services are aligned with industry best practices. 

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        Why it’s important to take a holistic approach to infection control

        Choosing the right professional cleaning company is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to infection control. 
        But to truly manage the risk of infection, it’s important to take a holistic approach across your organisation:

        Hand hygiene

        Regular hand washing is the first line of defence against the spread of infection.

        Encouraging hand hygiene within your organisation is critical, and it’s important to ensure that antibacterial soap dispensers are in all washrooms and hand sanitiser is placed in high-touch and high-traffic areas.

        Respiratory and cough hygiene

        Educating staff and visitors on the importance of correct hygiene practices if they have a cough or a cold is also important for infection control.

        Best practice guidance, such as using tissues and maintaining distance, can significantly reduce the transmission of infection.

        Waste management

        The efficient and safe disposal of waste (especially potentially hazardous materials in a medical setting) is crucial in preventing contamination and controlling infection.

        Effective cleaning

        It’s important to choose a cleaning partner you can trust who has the experience to understand the most effective cleaning methods for targeting high-touch and high-traffic areas to eliminate germs effectively.

        Thorough disinfection

        After cleaning, thorough disinfection is necessary to eliminate any remaining germs. At Green FM, we use electrostatics as an innovative and effective disinfection solution. 

        Electrostatic application systems ensure that the disinfection process covers hard-to-reach areas and is a critical part of effective infection control.

        How does the EMist electrostatic application system work?

        The electrostatic application system we use for disinfection is called EMist.

        To explain how it works, most surfaces that require cleaning have either a neutral or negative charge. 

        The innovative EMist system places a positive charge on the disinfectant as it leaves the spray nozzle.

        This positive charge attracts the disinfectant to the areas we need to clean and disinfect, ensuring wider coverage and reducing waste at the same time. 

        The precision of EMist not only improves the effectiveness of our disinfection process but also promotes environmental sustainability.

        • Schools & Colleges

          In educational settings, the spread of infection can lead to absenteeism and lost learning opportunities. 

          EMist technology empowers our team to thoroughly reach and treat more surfaces, significantly reducing the transmission of infection.

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        • Offices & Property

          Managing infection control in offices is vital for business continuity. The EMist system is particularly effective in high-contact areas like conference rooms and break rooms, ensuring thorough decontamination and contributing to a healthier, more productive workplace.

          When it comes to property management, EMist helps ensure all communal areas in your property are not just clean but thoroughly sanitised and safe.

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        • Retail Stores & Restaurants

          In the retail and food service sectors, our use of EMist, combined with specialised food-safe chemicals, ensures these spaces are not only clean but hygienic and free from germs. 

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        • Gyms & Health Clubs

          In gyms and health clubs, our use of the EMist system significantly improves the standards of infection control. This technology is integral in our decontamination process, keeping gym areas, changing rooms, and washrooms clean and germ-free.

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        • Dental Surgeries & NHS Surgeries

          In healthcare settings, effective infection control is critical. 

          The EMist system is central to our decontamination approach, providing a no-touch application that helps significantly reduce healthcare-associated infections and ensures a safer environment for both patients and healthcare providers.

        Who can benefit from the EMist electrostatic application system?

        The EMist electrostatic application system is safe, efficient, and effective, making it a versatile solution for infection control across a variety of different industries. 

        Green FM has successfully integrated EMist into our cleaning and decontamination processes in several key sectors:

        Green FM: Your partner for effective infection control


        With the importance of infection control in the modern workplace, it’s important that you choose a cleaning partner you can trust. 

        As an ISO-certified cleaning company, you can have the peace of mind that Green FM will deliver high-quality cleaning, decontamination, and infection control services that align with industry best practices. 

        An integral part of our approach is the EMist electrostatic application system, which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of our cleaning and disinfection processes. It helps ensure your premises are clean and hygienic. 

        At Green FM, we also understand the need for flexibility. Our cleaning schedules are designed to be adaptable, providing an efficient cleaning service with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

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