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  • Ares Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    The entry-level of the professional dry vacuum cleaners.

    The SPRiNTUS ARES, the compact entry-level model of the SPRiNTUS energy dry vacuum cleaners, convinces with its agility and quality, which clearly distinguish the ARES from other entry-level vacuum cleaners. A high suction power and an efficient 700 watt engine are must-haves for SPRiNTUS vacuum cleaners and allow the compact and reliable ARES to be a dynamic partner in the professional cleaning industry.

  • Artos Wet and Dry Vacuum

    High-quality, powerful wet / dry vacuum cleaner at a fair price.


    The vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning buildings, industrial facilities and workshops due to its power, compact size and robust design.

    The newest SPRiNTUS highlight, wet / dry vacuum cleaner Artos in the 30-litre class, impresses thanks to its high quality and sensational value for money. Innovative features, such as the cyclone water separation system with a reliable floater system, sets the Artos clearly apart from the other wet /dry vacuum cleaner models in the entry-level class. The wide chassis and long wheelbase make the Artos a particularly agile machine, which can be manoeuvred easily over the surface to be cleaned. The 360 mm wide floor nozzle included in the basic configuration is extremely user-friendly and can be converted from a wet floor nozzle to a dry floor nozzle by simply exchanging the rubber strips for brush strips. High-quality components, such as the strong stainless-steel container and the 1200 Watt motor, make the Artos a robust and reliable partner in professional cleaning.

  • Floory Dry Vacuum

    A top-of-the-line device at an attractive price – 2017 SPRiNTUS complements the entry-level class for professional vacuums with its new FLOORY development.

    A top-of-the-line device at an attractive price – 2017 SPRiNTUS complements the entry-level class for professional dryers with its new FLOORY development.

    The powerful and energy-saving 700 watt motor is a guarantee for a very high suction performance at a low noise level and an extremely efficient dirt absorption in the 11 l tank.

  • Maximus Hepa

    Excellent cleaning performance at a low noise level and high air quality. Triple A classification according to the EU energy label and best evaluation in the categories cleaning of hard surfaces and dust emission.

    Hotels, offices, clinics, nursing homes, and child care facilities. Powerful suction on all surfaces and well-suited for carpet cleaning with the Turbobrush attachment.

    An extremely quiet dry vacuum with only minimal noise emission, the MAXIMUS is optimal for use during business hours. With an enormous suction power it allows for quick and comfortable work. Thanks to the built-in output regulator, suction power can be adjusted easily to the type of flooring. The base of the hose rotates 360°, preventing twists in the hose and reaching a radius of over 13 m. The 10 m power cord can be wound around the head of the vacuum or comfortably hung on the cable hook. The vacuum is also operational without the filter bag, due to it‘s included fleece filter basket.

  • Maximus pro

    Excellent cleaning performance at a low noise level and high air quality. Triple A classification according to the EU energy label and best evaluation in the categories cleaning of hard surfaces and dust emission.

    Hotels, offices, clinics, nursing homes and child care facilities. In combination with the Electric Turbobrush, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for heavily-soiled carpets of all kinds, including shag-carpeting.
    An exceptionally quiet and powerful compact vacuum. With control buttons on the ergonomic handle, you can comfortably switch the vacuum and the brush on and off per button, without tiresomely bending over. Follow-up suction takes care of remaining particles in the hose and brush.

  • Maximus pt with power socket

    High-performance dry vacuum cleaner with an automated power socket for electric tools

    The Maximus pt is the ideal companion for any construction craftsmen. With its compact dimensions and low weight, it is perfect for electricians, carpenters or exhibition builders. Wherever a handy, lightweight device is required for fast working. Its enormous suction power guarantees a clean, dust-free workplace on location or in the shop. Any power tool can be plugged into the Maximus pt through the standardized socket & rubber adaptor. The automated socket then activates the vacuum simultaneously with the connected tool. For example when drilling, the vacuum automatically shuts down when the drill is switched off. The included 360 mm floor nozzle ensures performance on a wide range of hard floor and carpeted surfaces. The Maximus pt is universally usable for dry dust and can also be operated without the filter bag.


  • Medusa Set incl 2 batteries

    Industrial battery-powered sweeper for the quick, quiet and cordless cleaning of all surfaces, indoor and outdoor. The full floating main cylinder brush individually adapts to any surface, whether hard surface or carpet.

    Ideal for entryways of all kinds, hallways, staircases, driveways, warehouse and office areas, airports and train stations. The Medusa is a battery-powered machine developed specifically with professional users in mind. It has a working width of 37 cm, including its two inwards-rotating side brushes. Objects with a diameter of up to 2 cm can be easily vacuumed during operation. With its light weight and compact dimensions, the Medusa is designed for hard-to-reach spaces. The side brushes enable a complete and thorough cleaning along edges and even in the smallest corners. The powerful Lithium-Ion battery (without memory effect) with 10.8 V and 1.5 Ah allows an operation time of approx. 45 minutes per battery. A second, optional battery can be directly stored and carried on the machine itself. Quick-charging unit with a charging time of only 70 minutes is included with purchase.

  • Sprintus 302018 Click ‘n’ Press Floor Kit

    Cover does not need be taken into the hand and can be easily Ausgepresst
    Patented dirty water separation
    Patented upright function Guaranteed NOT to fall off and bending
    Standard Work Width to fit all 42 cm Holds mop in place and press studs at the top to the use of 4 cloths
    High quality 3 piece aluminium telescopic handle

  • Sprintus Camira – Floor Scrubber Dryer

    Battery operated, 24 V scrubber dryer. Easy handling due to compact size.

    The CAMIRA is the latest product highlight of the SPRiNTUS scrubber dryers. The machine, which is part of the 30-litre-class, convinces with a compact construction design and agility, which allows for extremely easy and efficient cleaning.

    Equipped with two maintenance-free Sonnenschein gelbatteries with 50 Ah each, the running time is about 2,5 hours and the machine cleans quickly and effectively mediumsized areas of up to 1600 m². At a low battery level, the connectible ECO mode can be activated and extends the running time of the machine when needed to conclude the cleaning task. The swiveling suction bar ensures an excellent suction power even during change of directions and the standard brush with a working width of 43 cm is perfect for a variety of cleaning tasks. The voluminous waste water tank, which can easily be cleaned due to its accessibility, is equipped with a user-friendly drain hose. The clean water tank can also be drained completely and makes the CAMIRA with its “brushdrop” at the push of a button, a standard on-board charger, and its excellent price-performance-ratio one of the most user-friendly machines in its class.